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Product and Experience Consultant


In my role as a Product Consultant, I was given the responsibility of evaluating the full user experience for a school administration software product. The product was designed to serve a diverse user base, including teachers and administrative staff across various educational institutions.


My primary task involved conducting a comprehensive assessment of the product's design, functionality, and overall usability. Additionally, I needed to gather and analyze feedback from users and stakeholders to understand their sentiment towards the product. The goal was to identify areas for improvement in both the Teacher and Administration Portals, focusing on personalization and customization features to accommodate the varied needs of our users.


To tackle this challenge, I initiated a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Conducted user research sessions, including interviews and surveys with both teachers and administrative staff, to gather qualitative feedback.

  2. Implemented usability testing scenarios to identify pain points in the user journey and functionality issues within the portal.

  3. Analyzed usage data to understand how different user roles interacted with the software, highlighting areas for enhanced personalization and customization.

  4. Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including product management and development, to prioritize findings and integrate user feedback into the design process.

  5. Developed a set of comprehensive design and usability recommendations, which included proposals for customizable dashboard features, role-specific functionality, and enhanced user support tools.


My efforts culminated in a detailed report and presentation to senior management and the product development team, outlining key findings and proposing strategic improvements. The recommendations were well-received, leading to the implementation of several enhancements aimed at improving the personalization and usability of the Teacher and Administration Portals. These changes resulted in a notable improvement in user satisfaction scores, with a 25% increase in positive feedback from our initial assessments. Additionally, the project fostered a deeper understanding within our team of the importance of user-centric design and set a precedent for ongoing user engagement in the product development process.

Always open for brainstorming and consulting services.

Always open for brainstorming and consulting services.