Acumen Customer Website

Product Design

Acumen Customer Website

Product Design




GE Hitachi Acumen


Design Lead


Acumen faced challenges in effectively communicating its product evolution to customers, leading to dissatisfaction and difficulty in building consensus among diverse product influencers.


My objective was to enhance communication around product developments, updates, and educational content to improve customer satisfaction and consensus among product stakeholders.


I spearheaded the development of an enriched Web Experience, focusing on user-centric design principles and accessibility best practices. The website featured:

  1. A comprehensive forum feature - Designed for robust user engagement, the forum facilitated discussions, feedback, and community support, employing UX best practices to ensure ease of navigation and user interaction.

  2. Training videos - Collaborating with Solution Engineers, I produced a series of educational videos. These were crafted focusing on clarity, engagement, and delivering complex information in digestible formats to enhance user understanding and product utilization.

  3. Regular updates on planned upgrades and concepts - I implemented a dynamic content update strategy, ensuring the website served as a reliable source for the latest information on product developments. This involved clear, user-friendly presentations of upcoming features and concepts, encouraging user feedback and participation in the development process.

Result: The redesigned Web Experience significantly impacted customer satisfaction, which soared by over 22%. Furthermore, the platform played a crucial role in fostering consensus among previously disparate product influencers, enhancing overall product coherence and community alignment.


  1. A user-friendly, engaging web interface designed with a focus on UX best practices, enhancing accessibility and user interaction.

  2. A series of high-quality training videos that leveraged educational best practices to simplify complex product features and enhance user competency.

  3. A content strategy that kept users informed and engaged, encouraging feedback and active participation in the product evolution process.

This initiative not only elevated customer satisfaction but also underscored the importance of integrating UX design principles and best practices in product communication strategies.

Always open for brainstorming and consulting services.

Always open for brainstorming and consulting services.